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Independent Advice on the EU Emission Trading System


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In partnership with UK based Redshaw Advisors, the award winning carbon emissions trading and risk management experts, Optiment can guide your company through the complexities of the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS).


Combined, the expertise of Redshaw Advisors and Optiment represents unparalleled carbon market experience and knowledge. The founders, Louis Redshaw and Lieven Bloeyaert, of Redshaw Advisors and Optiment respectively, have personal experience gained in the emission trading markets since the start (if not before) of the EU ETS in 2005.

Through their respective first hand experience of the compliance (Electrabel / GDF Suez) and financial (Barclays) points of view, Redshaw Advisors and Optiment are uniquely positioned to help companies with exposure to the EU ETS to take control of that exposure, optimize positions and save money.


Together we inform, advise and procure on behalf of companies across Europe. We tell you about the changes to the carbon market that will impact your company. We help you understand what you can do about it. Ultimately, we give you the confidence to execute a strategy to manage your carbon costs.

No worries anymore to hedge your carbon exposures as we will provide you with the latest market price information alongside access to the emission markets.


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